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training and behaviour consulting

Help for pet owners and animal industry professionals.


Basic to advanced obedience.


Help with fear, aggression, anxiety, and reactivity.


For trainers and dog daycare owners.


Seminars on the topic of your choice.

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For animal industry professionals.


Articles, case studies, tips and tricks.

About Me

Sarah Dixon (Fulcher) is a dedicated and passionate dog trainer living in NYC. She works for Instinct Dog Behavior and Training. She has trained animals her whole life, but first started seriously working with dogs in 2001, taking in shelter animals that needed training. Volunteering as a foster home for rescue organizations for many years provided Sarah more valuable experience. She lived with and trained many different canine personalities, and has experience and success with many traditionally difficult to train breeds.


CDBC - Certified Dog Behaviour Consultant, KPA-CTP - Karen Pryor Academy Certified Training Partner, Cert.CBST - Certificate in Canine Behaviour Science and Technology, CTDI - Certified Trick Dog Instructor


International Association of Animal Behaviour Consultants (IAABC) Board of Directors, IAABC Animal Behaviour Consulting Principles & Practice Course Mentor Trainer, Speaker at the 2014 APDT Conference, Trail Regional BC SPCA Community Council Chair.


My dogs have titled/competed in: obedience, rally obedience, nosework, tricks, agility, skijor racing. We also have experience with: musical freestyle, disc, and herding. Training is currently focused on herding and obedience.


Member in good standing with: IAABC, KPA, APDT, IACP.


Forget Everything You’ve Heard About Dominance

If your dog tries to ask nicely for space, and no one listens they may learn to eventually resort to “screaming” for their requests for space to be heard. In dog language screaming for space equals barking, lunging, growling, and sometimes aggression. These insecure dogs often get labelled as dominant…


“The Clicker Thing” Really Works!

A few weeks ago I met with a client for a private lesson with her reactive Border Collie, Fred. We’ve been doing lessons for a while now. At that lesson she confessed that for several weeks she had been thinking “this clicker thing” (AKA engage/disengage game) was not going to…


When Medication May Be The Right Choice

Sarah Fulcher, CDBC I recently began working with a very lovely little dog named Lily, a female mixed breed dog who weighs about 25 lbs. She is very affectionate, intelligent and cute, however, she had a very rough start in life. Before she came to her new owners she spent most…


It’s Not Shark Week…

It’s Not Shark Week… Tips and Trick for Nippy Pups   By Sarah Fulcher You’ve just brought home your new furry bundle of joy. Everything is going swell for the first week – you’re impressed at how sweet and calm your puppy is. Then, out of nowhere you have a…


Training Drop It

Training Drop it By Sarah Fulcher, CDBC There are three ways I will commonly use to teach dogs to drop items. I don’t often use a clicker because my hands are full but will usually use a verbal “yes” marker at least. You can use a clicker or a verbal,…


The Enlightened Dog Trainer

The Enlightened Dog Trainer By Sarah Fulcher, CDBC The enlightened dog trainer makes training fun. Instead of drudgery it becomes a game. They are connected, in tune, and invested in their canine partner. They are engaging, dynamic, using praise, movement, play, and other rewards to build desired behaviours. They know…

Tricks Workshop - Kelowna, BC

Shaping Success

Shaping Success By Sarah Fulcher, CDBC   Free shape—or not? Free shaping is a type of animal training where you teach the behaviours in gradual steps using a marker, like a clicker, and rewards. Shaping can be a great way to teach some difficult behaviours, expand your animal’s capabilities, exercise your…


10 Reasons Your Dog May Develop Behaviour Problems

10 REASONS YOUR DOG MAY DEVELOP BEHAVIOUR PROBLEMS By Sarah Fulcher, CDBC, KPA-CTP Originally published on Bad behavior: the big picture Happy New Year! Did a new dog join the family this holiday season? Are you aiming to start a brand-new year with fine habits and manageable goals? Is…


When Pain Doesn’t Look Like Pain

  My dog Dexter has been slightly anxious for several months. I had thought it was possibly due to me being away more frequently. We had been giving him some calming treats with supplements that seemed to help. I had the vet check him out and did some basic blood…


Podcast Feature

I was thrilled while on a recent trip to Chicago to be featured on the Dog Training Conversations Podcast with my friends Chad Mackin and Jay Jack. Feel free to listen to the Podcast (episode Bridging the Gap) here or here for non-Apple users. I was in Chicago to visit…